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Established in 1998

HT-SAAE is a reliable government owned company which is operated by China Aerospace and Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). Since1960, HT-SAAE started on solar technology research for China Aerospace and Satellite’s Application. From year 2000, HT-SAAE began to transfer “Aerospace” PV technology to Commercial Application.

The HT-SAAE Difference

  • A leading vertically-integrated manufacturer of high-quality products including in every stage of production chain, from ingots, wafers, cells to the final assembly of PV modules. Strong manufacturing capacity of both solar cells and modules.
  • Effective quality control to ensure customers receive a long-term and stable supply of high-quality products.
  • World-wide capability of system integration and installation.


HT-SAAE has Global leading Research and Development (R&D) ability, and experienced approximately 400 solar system integration projects all over the world.

Shanghai Solar
HT Warehouse

Illustration of PV Production Value Chain

HT-SAAE has formed a vertically-integrated PV production chain, covering production of polycrystalline, wafer, cell and module as well as solar power station development, system integration and power station operation & maintenance management.


HT-SAAE solar has experience of constructing approximately 400 utility scale projects including Chinese government solar initiative, the “Brightness Program” in western China and solar plants in Italy and Germany.

In purpose of ensuring long-term and stable supply of high-quality products, quality control systems have been designed and implemented at every stage of the production chain, from the silicon ingot to the final assembly of PV modules.



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