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At ASC Energy, we provide some of the finest and most energy efficient inverters on the market, specialising in Huawei inverters including commercial three-phase string inverters with high efficiency that range from 8kW to 42kW and suit a variety of requirements. We tend to favour the Huawei inverters as reliability tests have shown that they exceed industry standards scoring 99.996% in tests conducted and verified by TUV.

The advantage with Huawei inverters is that they have an easy to read local graphic LCD display that adds to their usability. The Multi-MPPTs provide more flexibility on layout or design whilst the wider MPPT voltage range generates more yield therefore increasing efficiency and saving users money. We find that most clients are 100% satisfied with these models and install them throughout their premises.

A development with the Huawei models has been to completely remove the fuse to avoid any issues with faults without compromising safety but allowing for convenient and fast maintenance. The company have patented natural cooling technology which means that the inverters no longer have a fan, something that had caused rapid heat radiation previously. This once again reduces the number of breakdowns and noise emission, making for a more pleasant working or home environment.

Huawei inverters are easy to install as well as being lightweight adding to their practicality and convenience. Based on the results from the number of installations that have been conducted, the industry has noted that there is a low failure rate with the equipment and this is one of the main reasons that we recommend it to all our clients.

For our domestic clients, we offer a full support service and assistance where and when required. We provide a number of Huawei inverters that are designed specifically for domestic use. We are happy to offer help and suggestions for which model would be most suitable for your home. Huawei are always developing their range of products with new and innovative models that are designed to meet clients’ needs.

At ASC Energy, we offer a full range of products to suit a variety of purposes. We have several years’ experience in the industry and have seen it take huge leaps forward in recent years. Seeing the sector develop and the new models that become available has helped us to gain a true picture of the solar energy market and this helps us to advise all our clients with regards to which model would be most appropriate for them.

As a little bit of background on Huawei, Huawei Solar are one of the leading inverter manufacturers in the world. The company has developed the FusionSolar® range and this is continuously being updated by Huawei Solar’s R&D engineers. At ASC Energy, we view these models as being the safest, most reliable and smartest solutions that are available at the present time, delivering the highest yields and return on investment.

If you would like more information about our Huawei inverters for both domestic and commercial use, please call us on 1300 309 008, email us info@ascenergy.com.au or alternatively you can contact us through our website.

  • Commercial three-phase string inverters with higher efficiency from 8kW to 42kW
  • Reliability test exceeds industry standard, availability of inverter performance at 99.996% test conducted and verified by TUV
  • Local graphic LCD display
  • Multi-MPPTs provide more flexibility on panel layout or design
  • Wider MPPT voltage range generates more yield
  • No fuse to avoid faulty issue, safe and convenient maintenance
  • Using patented natural cooling technology with no fan to provide rapid heat radiation, avoiding system break down and less noise emission
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Lower failure rate based on units installed
  • Domestic customer support service

Commercial inverter


  • 3 MPPTs: flexible system design that supports variable string configurations and DC optimisation
  • String-level intelligent monitoring and fast trouble-shooting


  • Type II surge arresters for both DC and AC integrated
  • Ground fault detection
  • Residual Current Detection (RCD) protection
  • < (less and equal to) 33 dB noise emission


  • Maximum efficiency 98.6%, European efficiency 98.3%, Photon test A+
  • Broader MPP voltage range
  • Easy to install and light weight


  • Fuseless design
  • Natural cooling technology, protection rating of IP65

Case Study of Rooftop Smart PV system Huawei case studies in Europe

Residential inverter

reddot award

  • Natural Cooling with ultra light with only 10kg and produce higher yield
  • Supports one-click inverter configuration, remote firmware update and I-V curve diagnosis
  • Battery ready with integrated plug & play energy storage interface
  • Integrated surge arresters for both DC and AC