We provide the finest and most energy
efficient inverters on the market


No.1 Inverter company in the world based on shipment since 2015


6 PV R&D centres located in US, Germany, Sweden and China


Providing 100% LTE & Networking service to Vodafone; 50% LTE & Networking service to Optus and No.1 Access Network service to TPG


Huawei inverters are easy to install as well
as being lightweight adding to their
practicality and convenience.

Based on independent test report conducted by Global certifier TUV, they conclude the Huawei inverter availability on a 590MW Solar PV Station is 99.996%. This reliability is one of the main reasons we recommend Huawei to all our clients.

For our domestic clients, we offer a full
support service and assistance where and
when required.

We provide a number of Huawei inverters that are designed specifically for domestic use. We are happy to offer help and suggestions for which model would be most suitable for your home. Huawei are always developing their range of products with new innovations that are designed to meet clients’ needs.

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At ASC Energy, we offer a full range of
products and technical support services.

We have years of experience in the solar industry and have seen it take huge leaps forward in recent years. Seeing the sector develop along with new products that have become available has helped us to gain a true picture of the solar energy market and this helps us to advise all our clients with regards to which model would be most appropriate for them.

Huawei provides professional service

Huawei Solar are a Global leading inverter manufacturer. The company has developed the FusionSolar® range and this is continuously updated by Huawei Solar’s R&D engineers. At ASC Energy, we view these models as the safest, most reliable and smartest solutions that are available at the present time, delivering the highest yield and return on investment.

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replacement inverter dispatched

(excludes travelling time if required)


Help Desk and Hotline;
5days*9hrs Local Technical Support

10 service centers

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FusionSolar Commercial Inverter

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for both domestic and commercial use

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