Solar PV Panels

We are continually updating our product range to ensure that we have latest equipment available. Our research indicates that world class manufacturer HT-SAAE are some of the best, most efficient equipment available and reliable business. We appreciate that you want the best for your clients and therefore we source and offer only the finest solar products from around the globe.

At ASC Energy, our strength is the quality of our solution backed with solid advice and support for all our solar equipment. This is a constantly evolving and advancing market so we take time out to get to fully appreciate your project and understand the products that the leading manufacturers offer. It is only by doing this that we can offer the best advice on the latest models. All our solutions are tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

Offering a complete service means far more than just the initial sale. We offer a full support service to all clients based in Australia as well as attractive finance options. Project technical support is available to all our partners including engineering, system design and operation and maintenance. We can provide project finance and bridging loans on large utility scale solar projects.

We firmly believe that fossils fuels will soon become a thing of the past with reserves of oil, natural gas and coal reducing, not to mention the levies that are being placed on these types of fuel by governments. As a result we offer our client a realistic, affordable alternative, with Solar Power systems and Solar Storage systems.

Solar energy is our passion. We appreciate the need for renewable sources of energy and that we must take care of our planet for future generations. Carbon emissions must be reduced globally and unquestionably one of the best ways to do this is via renewable energy.

We are proud of what we have achieved as a company. When it comes to solar power we are experts, constantly finding better, more efficient products that suit your clients’ needs. Whilst we appreciate that green issues play an increasingly important role in our lives and our decision making, we also know that we must remain competitive on price and the products that we offer must ultimately save your clients’ money in the long term.

When you choose ASC Energy, we know that you will be more than satisfied with both the products and the service that you receive. Our experience and product knowledge combined, mean that we are in the best possible position to meet both your needs and requirements but also those of your clients. We go that extra mile, quietly simply. One of the things that drive’s us on is satisfied clients with correct products installed. This gives us immense satisfaction.

As a solar wholesale provider we have dealt with all sectors and industries over the years we have undertaken projects of varying sizes and descriptions. Understanding clients’ needs is our number one priority and we will work alongside you to ensure everyone is 100% satisfied. As one of the leading solar wholesale distributors in Australia we understand that logistics play a role in the planning and implementation and this is a key part of our service.

ASC Energy is always looking to increase our network of business partners with whom we can work to develop and expand the renewable energy market in Australia. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us. Our passion is all about going green and it is with this motivation we help our partners and their clients to move to a Renewable Energy Future.

If you would like more information, call to speak to one of our specialist on 1300 309 008, alternatively email us at

We look forward to hearing from you and being of assistance.

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